What is Soul Graffiti Entertainment about?

Welcome to Soul Graffiti Entertainment (LLC): Soul Graffiti Entertainment hosts events such as festivals, private parties, and community events.

We are moving to our new space on 4-15-14. This is a significant movement towards sustaining community development and events in our bioregion of the bay area. We are now located at 64th and San Pablo at the border of Oakland and Berkeley. Here are some words regarding the Lunar Eclipse that is happening the night of our first days at the space, significantly impacting our direction and passion for what we are developing:

“This is the first eclipse that initiates a time frame of the greatest intensity. It is a time to evaluate what you are here for and whether or not you can gather up and use all that you have learned and studied and experienced in this life, taking it and stepping up into your responsibility to move forward and to evolve. There will be a lot of complaining about how hard it is and how unprepared we are for this great task, but in the end, you are all you have; your talents, your wisdom, your commitment and your willingness to do the work. Turn the intensity of this time into something inspiring as you face the unknown, and be in gratitude”

“What you get is a mix of Live Bands, Dj’s, state of the art visuals, and art that collide together to make the best entertainment package on the west coast.” (co-founder of soulgraffiti.info)

“We are all healers and have the capability of being each others support. In order to establish this, a group of individuals must make a conscious effort to connect to one another at a level that is deeper than modern-day family values. If this is accomplished in different ways, at different levels, society will be that much closer to the acceptance of everyone and fewer people will be left emotionally stranded. The norm these days is for everyone to go through a mid-life crisis, but I believe that it is our own minds just finally waking up and realizing how far behind our emotional evolution is due to the strains of monotonous day-to-day work and lack of belief. The goal is to stay awake and live that way! Find something to inspire you and live full of life.” – 2005 / 2006

In early 2005, Soul Graffiti Entertainment, LLC was created to promote the positive atmospheres of group gatherings in all forms. The founders of Soul Graffiti have been working in the industry of entertainment for over twelve years and take pride in producing the right vibrations and frequencies through visual lighting and sound to create the best atmosphere to fit the situation. Soul Graffiti Entertainment is dedicated to the deeper meaning of group gatherings. Whether it is a small camping trip to a large stadium, every group gathering has a healing quality through the collective one-mindedness of the entire group. It is very similar to what happens with sports teams or any other group effort. A great aspect of Soul Graffiti Entertainment is that it looks beyond the business side of entertainment and into the realm of what it does to the psyche on an emotional level for everyone that is involved, the audience, performers, workers, and volunteers.

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